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Who We Are…

Established in 1988, Scandia Foods (UK) Ltd is a rural, family run business drawing on the lifetime of seafood experience of its founders Otto and Hanne Priess. Their experience and expertise in sourcing the pick of the crop from land and sea, together with our shared passion for the industry, has culminated in a very special business and a wonderful collection of products.

What We Do…

At Scandia Foods (UK) Ltd we’re proud to be different. We champion sustainability and respect the traditional practices of our producers – and together we offer happily produced, healthy and responsibly sourced food.  We love what we do and our strong family values underpin all of our choices. We employ great people who share our passion to innovate, and work with dedicated producers to supply delicious products that our own families and children enjoy to eat.

Now we are ready to share them with you…enjoy!

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“Ocean Crown premium quality ambient and chilled seafood products are such a huge hit with UK markets we are reviewing new additions to the range constantly.”

Lisa West, Ocean Crown CEO

Cross-grain Coeliac-UKsalsa  MSC